Is it possible to suppress the NU1701 warning for a specific dependency using Paket?

Right now I’m getting a warning that looks like

warning NU1701: Package 'Google.GData.Client 2.2.0' was restored using '.NETFramework,Version=v4.6.1' instead of the project target framework '.NETCoreApp,Version=v2.0'. This package may not be fully compatible with your project.

It looks like you can suppress warnings for specific references if you’re using PackagesReferences:

Looks something like

    <PackageReference Include="Contoso.Base.API" Version="1.0.3">

Is this possible to do using Paket?

Paket already enables NoWarn for a few warnings (<NoWarn>$(NoWarn);NU1603;NU1604;NU1605;NU1608</NoWarn> in the latest version of Paket.Restore.targets), but it could possibly also do this one. You can try it in your project by adding a NoWarn block of your own, like <NoWarn>$(NoWarn);NU1701</NoWarn>.

If that works I’d suggest opening a PR to Paket to see if they’d accept adding this one to the list.

Thanks for the tip.

The thing is, I want to only enable NoWarn for packages that get downloaded as a result of this dependency, but not globally. I happen to know this one is safe, but I think it could make debugging painful if it were ignored globally and by default.