HTTP Redirect within the HttpHandler

Hi, I’m currently working on getting OpenIdConnect logout to function properly with my identity provider, and I’m struggling to do the final HTTP redirect call while still staying within the borders of the HttpHandler “building blocks” . I’m using giraffe and therefore using mostly AspNetCore Dependencies
Essentially my logout request looks like this:
route “/logout” >=> signOut “Cookies” >=> signOut “oidc” >=> idpLogoutRedir

where the pseudo code goes something like
let idpLogoutRedir : HttpHandler =
fun (next: HttpFunc) (ctx : HttpContext) →
let idt = lazyily retrieve “id_token” token from the Context
let url = lazily create a URL that looks like “https://idp/logoutEndpoint” +"?post_logout_redirect_uri=" + someUrlEncodedURI + “&id_token_hint=” + idt
Somehow redirect to the url, which will redirect me back to my index page (atleast when I just click the link normally or paste it into my browser)
return! next ctx}

Is there a way for me to make this redirect work while still having the function be a HttpHandler, or do I have to change that? In general I’m just struggling to make this work as if I were to just click the url that I generated.