Function App Http Trigger to log to Blob storage

Is there a sample showing how to log http request body to Blob storage using Function App?

There is a library by to access Azure storage. You are asking about that or something else. I guess you can add anything to blog storage. Using your app or Functions app.

You should be able to write to a new blob by turning the string into a stream. With v2 functions, you specify the blog you want to write to via an attribute on the input parameter to the run function:

[<Blob("ContainerName/{name}", FileAccess.Write)>] outputBlob: Stream

And you can simply write to that stream.

I tried using the attribute but it did not work. Is there a working example I could look at?

I did figure out eventually how to get it to work. Thanks Carter for the tip. I think the docs need to be a bit more clear and should have step by step guide to do it.