F# Interactive in MS Edge?

Hi first post, and excited about learning F#. Initially tried F# REPL in Chrome at http://www.tryfsharp.org/Learn/getting-started#fun-functional, and it didn’t work. But really surprised that it didn’t work in MS Edge?

TryFsharp is unfortunately not really maintained anymore. If you currently don’t have an environment to code on your own machine there are still alternatives in the browser. You can use Azure notebooks (there are also samples for F# notebooks), other online REPLs (like https://repl.it) or - if you are more into games - there is also F# support in Codingame. Hope that these alternatives offer you enough comfort before you start to try out F# on your local setup :slight_smile:

Thanks wasn’t aware that it was not current. Was using it primarily for the tutorial.

TryFsharp is dead because it depends on Silverlight. There is a new version in progress. I wish I knew when it will be ready.