F# for embedded systems?

Yes, I mean it seriously !

I have long career in imperative - C, C++, C# … - and now came to functional programming.

I have a C++ project on an embedded system, started the OO way. With the help of cpplinq

  • I used Linq a lot in C# - STL and “Functional Programming in C++” from Ivan Cukic,
    I want to make a new functional design, at least of parts of my code.

To have a clear understanding of my target domain, I made an simulation in F#.
Now I am porting this construction to C++. This works, but it’s in no way readable as in F#.
But the code is really smaller. cpplinq is indispensable for the port.

I know that .NET is managed vs. C++ is not …

So my question is:
is there any F# to C++ Converter like Tangible Software Solutions have done for C# to C++ ??
This converts C# code to C++ as far as possible, but comments, where manual work has to be done.

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