Elmish sqlite database


Looking for pointers form anybody who can help me get started with an Elmish ‘model’ based local sqlite database.

As a base I’m looking at F# sqlite database stuff which is quite extensive. Also, Evan’s Elm Todo example with JS: https://github.com/evancz/elm-todomvc

Thanks in advance.



not sure I understand the context, but here’s one-for-one port of that code: https://github.com/elmish/sample-react-todomvc


Re: context. Seems simple to me. Just saving/loading an Elmish model locally is all. Just like Evan did in the Todo Elm app. Maybe I can frame this in another way if you still don’t understand what I’m driving at?

Thank you for the help… yeah… I should have stated that it has to be in F#/Elmish (no JS/React).