Discourse about Discourse


Hai, love the site and think this is a good deal


I’m still trying to see the advantages over Slack. It might take some time to learn how Discourse works. I’m perfectly satisfied with Slack, if we could just fix the search issue.


@Scott it’s a different focus. Slack is better for real time communication, but poor for long term discussions, pr anything requiring history, discoverability, search, etc.

It has the goal of being a good chat.

Discourse is nicer for question/answer or long term discussions. It makes it far easier to start a discussion that will persist through multiple time zones, and let everyone participate and add their own info. A good example is the pattern matching question here… in chat, it would have been forgotten as soon as the first “answer” happened. Here, people can slowly add more info to it.


So really, this is a replacement for the old Google Groups? With more potential integration points?


@StachuDotNet that might be a better analogy. It’s a much more feature rich replacement, with a lot more tools to help tie the community together (integrations/messaging/etc).


Maybe we could use a brief guideline somewhere on fsharp.org (maybe need a whole new Community menu?) that helps us decide when to post here vs. on Slack or SO.


This will happen when we formally announce. Some of the community links will get reworked.


Somehow I think “community projects” category could attract Good activity that is separate from “general” language topics


@vivainio I cannot tell what “community projects” means.


The ecosystem of projects outside the core set (which is compilers, ide Tools etc)


May we please have an azure tag? And maybe dotnetcore and datascience while you’re at it? Thanks


@Scott we already have dotnetcore and datascience… just added cloud (for azure, but also aws, etc)


That’ll do I guess. Might be good to have more specific tags though. So the only emoji reaction is :heart:?


I didn’t know we had dotnetcore and datascience tags, because apparently tags that have not been used yet do not show up in the drop-down list until you start typing them, which is not a good UI design IMHO. I assumed the list was shown was complete, not filtered.


I think it shows 5 most used, and filters as you type. Some discourse sites have hundreds of tags…

Right now, we are erring on side of fewer, to not overcategorize site (which can be fragmenting), so there aren’t a lot, but it’ll grow over time.


I really didn’t like this place when I first got here, but after a while it’s growing on me.


Are there any plans to add more categories? Maybe learning resource (about book, blogs, courses, etc), jobs, …


We will likely stick to tags for now, and move slowly in this area. Jobs are probably better in slack, given the temporary nature of a listing.


Just saying, I much prefer Discourse to Slack. Much easier to follow a conversation and longer history really helps when you are in a different timezone from the main participants…