Adding categories to the forum

May I suggest to add few more categories to the forum
I think we need at least two more

  • Learning (or we can call it Questions and Help)

The presence of this category, can be inviting for new comers that they can come and ask questions safely, even newbie questions

  • Announce

This would be nice to group announcements of new tools, libraries or F# releases

  • Internals

This is optional, but it can be nice if the maintainers of the F# compilers and tools can use it to discuss the development of their Tools and Libraries on this forum

And while we are at it, can we remove the

  • Uncategorized

category, anything in it fit and can be moved to general, general and uncategorized seems the same to me


Is this being worked on by the admins? I also miss a lot of tags when posting.

We’ve discussed this a bit. We’re not comfortable with new categories at this time, but we do feel that new tags can definitely be added. The tag metaphor seems to be well-used by sites like GitHub and StackOverflow, so we feel it’s an appropriate way to handle this.

What are some tags that you feel could be helpful?

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We could add a new category Jobs (I see 3 topics there: remote, on-premise and looking for). Will be easier for HR to tap this community (without knowledge of slack channels or other specific social channels).

My opinion on tags, is that they are better open, anyone should be able to add a new tag, even if that means we will have a lot of redundant tags

Less control is better


I also think it is better to not limit tags to a pre-defined list. It is hard to come with a pre-defined list that won’t miss a lot.

Less control is better

Exactly. Openness does a lot to build a community and foster collaboration.

That’s a splendid idea.

Just want to add: just posted F# backend developer position in Bregenz (AT) and a job/job-offer tag would have been nice.