Choose Web Framework

It is short question. Feliz or Sutil? Please, tell me why?

I have only used Feliz of the two, but after reading the Sutil docs, I would reason as follows:

If you like React: Pick Feliz, since it transpiles to react components.
If you like Svelte or want something that is not dependent on a JavaScript framework: Pick Sutil.

If you don’t really have an opinion on React vs Svelte and just want to build something, I would go with Feliz together with Elmish. Feliz seem to be the more mature framework of the two and I, for one, have really enjoyed building a web app using The Elm Architecture

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


Thank you, a litle question: elmish for feliz is analog of redux for pure react?

I have not used Redux personally, but it would seem that the ideas are quite similar. Elmish implements the core ideas from Elm (model, view, update architecture), and Redux states in their docs that they also take inspiration from Elm.

From the Elmish github: “Those familiar with Redux may find Elmish a more natural fit when targeting React or ReactNative as it allows one to stay completely in idiomatic F#.”

I can’t say if they are completely analog, but it would seem that if you are comfortable with one of them, you should be comfortable with the other. :slight_smile: