F# backend developer position in Bregenz (AT)

Hi everybody. We have an open F# backend developer position in Bregenz. See the german announcement in announcement. Some points for context (and which also do not fit into the official announcement format):

  • Fluent German is a prerequisite. Knowledge of the local dialect is not :wink:
  • The position is within a math-heavy team working on power scheduling and trading algorithms in F#.
  • The position should also interface with the main C# platform developer team.
  • There is quite some F#-based DA tooling only for the math team.
  • The current composition of the team is hybrid (from fully office, to partial home-office, to remote office, to fully remote … everything present) and works like that for 2+ years.
  • Although there is a preference for on-site presence, for the right person remote within AT/DE is possible (with a low number of trips/year to Bregenz).
  • I am part of the above math team.