A community event for F# in London


I run the largest Linux and open source group in London (1300+ members). We are completely non-profit, focused on providing our members with clever educational talks.

We have done talks on Swift, Rust, Go, across a range of topic from Docker to Serverless and on Thursday we have IBM presenting an AI workshop, expected turnout 80-95+ people. We aim to do good computer science.


I’d like to get a special evening on F# going.

I have the venue, Skills Matter (every month) and dates.

Thursday, 21st June 2018 – Raspberry Pi, Arduino and IoT night.
Thursday, 19th July 2018
Thursday, 16th August 2018
Thursday, 20th September 2018 (starting 19:00)
Tuesday, 23rd October 2018

I just need a F# team to draw up an agenda and present talks for 2.5+ hours.

My members are very varied, data scientists, Pythonists, IT managers, techies, MSc students, etc and we have a strong inclusion policy for women.

Is that viable? Do the F# community want to reach out? :grin:


Community Manager - Linuxing In London



I’d recommend reaching out to some of the organizers of F#unctional Londoners to see if you could co-host an event.

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Yes, it was the very first thing I did :slight_smile:

I spoke to people at the recent F# conference (and before) but we haven’t gone anywhere and I am keen to get things moving, if that’s what FSharpeners would like: new people coming to F#, reaching the Linux community, broader outreach, etc

I’d really like to get this going, but ultimately I am dependant on what FSharpeners can and want to do :grin:

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