This is bad readability

The first example on Organizing functions | F# for fun and profit
is my opinion a very good example on bad readability

    //create a nested helper function
    let add n =
       fun x -> x + n

    // use the helper function
    x |> add y |> add z

add is a function that takes two argument and add them, but the code is just so convoluted
so while what i just said its true, in reality add is a function that takes one argument and return another function that takes one argument and then add them together

this is a readability crime against programmer kind

i know that add x n = x + n , is in theory shorthand for the above and that functions in fsharp takes one argument and the return one value

but its actually more than just a shorthand, its an abstraction that make code more readable

i strongly advice against the code above, its bad, dont do it
use the abstraction , use the shorthand