SAFE stack Discriminated Union Model Error

When I am trying to use a discriminated union as a model to try and emulate a multi page application within the SAFE template I get the following error:

ompiled with problems:

WARNING in ./src/Client/output/App.js 40:70-86

export 'Model$reflection' (imported as 'Model$reflection') was not found in './Index.js' (possible exports: IndexModel, IndexModel$reflection, Msg, Msg$reflection, NotFoundView, PagesModel, PagesModel$reflection, containerBox, indexView, init, navBrand, todosApi, update, view)

Are discriminated unions not supported as a top level model? And/Or is there a better way to make multi page applications within the SAFE stack?

It seems my mistake was in renaming the “model” to “PagesModel”

I thought it would take it from the mkProgram in App.fs to determine those parts, but that was clearly mistaken as it instead seems to be based on the names.