Processing, P5.js and creative coding libraries for F#?

Do any F# libraries for creative coding exist? I’m interested in equivalents to:

So far I’ve not had much luck finding similar projects for C# or F#.

I found a reference to a Microsoft project called Videa, which doesn’t seem to exist any more.

Then there is System.Drawing which is helpful but perhaps not as feature-complete or high level as Processing etc.

Creative coding seems like a good fit for F#. It could also be a nice path to introduce the language. Just wanted to check there isn’t anything existing before writing something to fill the gap!

Tomas Petricek demonstrated something along these lines a while back.
But I dont know if it was released as a library.
You might find something if you poke around his github.

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Thanks, @kaashyapan. That was new to me. I found the demo here:

And the repo here:

Actually there is a lot of interest in the Elm community in functional shape composition and graphics. There are a couple of libraries which are used to teach programming using shapes.

Editing SVG shapes interactively with the mouse in Elm - YouTube

1805.05125.pdf (

It might easier to port the Api to Fsharp for starters and work from there.

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