Phillip's office hours from Slack, 2018-25-09

What follows is a curated transcription (minus noise/friendly banter) of topics discussed during my office hours in the F# Software Foundation slack. This week was pretty quiet:

cartermp [9:02 AM]
Hey folks, I’ve got some office hours right now! I’m close to my office where I’ll have my computer open to take questions. Feel free to ask anything in the meantime. As a reminder, I’ll be posting transcripts of this hour to the forums, eliding any chit-chat.

cartermp [9:28 AM]
Well, I’ll offer up a bit here. This week, I am:

• Collaborating with Don on some fun stuff - spent a few hours on nullability yesterday
• Doing some VS 2019 work that should positively impact F#
• Preparing for Open F# and my talk on Friday
• Cleaning up some docs and thinking about how to document low-level programming a bit better in our docs
• Planning more machine learning stuff

evgeny [9:29 AM]
@cartermp do you plan to start a workgroup on some of the those directions?

cartermp [9:34 AM]
Not at the moment, no. Most of the work thus far as been going through OSS projects and helping:

(a) Bring them to .NET Core/.NET Standard
(b) Help interested maintainers

There are a few projects - Deedle, DiffSharp, Math.NET numerics (not F#, but works well with it), FsLab (minus the literate programming bits) - that are essential to data science-y work in F#. And ML.NET is going to be a huge part of the story when it is in 1.0, so the work to support F# records was good. The API still needs work, but at least with record support it’s pretty usable. But using it in conjunction with other libraries is also a big deal. That requires some design work and collaboration with maintainers, which we still don’t have completely figured out yet.

So I suppose the answer is “sort of” to your question :slightly_smiling_face:
Additionally, the F# support on Jupyter is decent, now supporting the loading of .NET Standard components, so that’s certainly an incremental improvement
I think we’ll certainly reach a point where we need the community to drive certain things, especially w.r.t which libraries are pulled together for various tasks
Not sure if a working group is appropriate for that, but it feels very much like a community-has-the-authority sort of thing there

cartermp [10:08 AM]
And with that, I conclude my office hour! I’ll post this to the forums today.

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