My latest YouTube video is now available

My latest YouTube video is now available: - #fsharp #monogame F# Platform Game Series TEA and animated sprites

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You should put the link to your video in the body of the message. Because, when putting the link in the title, I need to copy/paste the URL instead of clicking on it. :slight_smile:

As one of the maintainer of Elmish and contributor to it’s ecosystem I was always wondering what it would looks like when used for games “frameworks”.

And I found it really interesting to see how you manage to linked the Elmish logic and the Monogame structure.

Any plan on making a basic game from it?

By that I mean trying to demonstrate how the logic of a game could works:

  • menu
  • managing several entities
  • collisions checking
  • etc.

Yeah discourse tells you to type a title or paste a link, I think a title is a lot better so I fixed that.

Yeah Im going to develop this further as games in Elm look really neat and tidy.

I think conflating TEA and how to do something in MonoGame makes it a little tricky especially to newcomers so I chose to do those part separately here. I also think it’s important to stay really close to the way MonoGame works decoupling the view from the update otherwise in a real game the whole think could start to tear apart if you start to drop frames.

The way I see it progressing is describing a little piece of functionality then adding in the Elmish version too, after a few vids it should become more intuitive for the viewers to figure out how to add things to the architecture, its not always completely obvious grafting one tech onto another but hopefully I’ll so it justice…

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The answer to the other question will I make a basic game, yep, step by step we should end up with a playable platform game with collision, cameras, and scenery.

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