Member override err

type Mutatable() =
    // one part of an algorithm, it is a basic simple action or sub goal
    let mutable algKillSwitch = false
    member this.Action(ear: string, skin: string, eye: string) =
        // Your action logic here
    member this.Completed() =
    member this.Clone() =
    member this.MyName() =
        // Returns the class name

type APSay(repetitions: int, param: string) =
    inherit Mutatable()
    let mutable at = if repetitions > 10 then 10 else repetitions

    override this.Action(ear: string, skin: string, eye: string) =
        let mutable axnStr = ""
        if at > 0 then
            if not (ear.Equals(param, StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase)) then
                axnStr <- param
                at <- at - 1

    override this.Completed() =
        at < 1

    override this.Clone() =
        APSay(at, param)

I’m getting the error under :
override this.Action, override this.Completed() and override this.Clone()

it says no corresponding member found

The documentation you need is here: Abstract Classes - F# | Microsoft Learn

This is what I arrived at:

type [<AbstractClass>] Mutatable() =
member val algKillSwitch = false with get, set
abstract member Action : string * string * string -> string
abstract member Completed : unit -> bool
abstract Clone : unit -> Mutatable
member x.MyName() = x.GetType().Name

I am not at all used to navigating the F# Community Forums, but I notice we are in General now, whatever kind of thing that is. I also see there’s a tag named “beginners”. I don’t quite understand how these things are put together. Perhaps someone can give us a hint on how to start a conversation like this in the right place. Is there an intro to this system somewhere?
edit: Ok, I believe I’ve figured it out. Generally post in “General”, and tag with e.g. “beginners”.