Medical App Development

I would like to know whether there are more of the same species as I am in the F# community. My species is that of a medical physician with a strong passion for medical app development. So, I am not a professional programmer, but I have a long history of programming experience, not only in F#.

My topic of interest is creating a CPOE, computerized provider order entry, system that really delivers the much needed decision support and that will run on any device, i.e. will run as a web app.

You can find me on GitHub and I also have a personal website with some background stories. Some of my current running apps:

  • GenForm. An app to look up drugs in the Dutch national drug inventory.
  • GenAPLS An app to guide you through an Advanced Pedicatric Life Support protocol.
  • GenPres. An app that will calculate drugs and materials according to age and weight.

Feel free to contact me at

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