MathNet.Numerics reference not recognized by 'open MathNet.Numerics' in F# using VS community edition

I am a beginner usinf F# for past two months after learning and have bought books like ‘F# 4’ and one another by Thomas.
I am using VS community edition.
When I using Nuget package manager within a project, nuget installs both MathNet.Numerics and MathNet.Numerics.Data,Text. I see them under ‘refernes’ tab link under solution window panel.
But when I use ‘open MathNet.Numerics’ and MathNet.Numerics.Data.Text, F# compiler does NOT know what MathNet is.
Also I have another issue.
When I create a New project for F# project, it creates a project but does not create an empty project with the filename I entered But ir creates a ‘Tutotial1.fsx’ file always and even when I delete the tutorial lines, when I compile my simple f# program, it executes the Tutorial1 lines.
I do not know how to fix this also.
Thanks for your help in resolving these two issues mainly for my proceeding to use MathNet libraries.

Can you tell exact version of VS and type of your project (.net core or .net framework)?

Does these references have yellow triangles?

I do not see any yellow triangles under references.

I downloaded VS 2019 community edition few weeks back

I have to use .net Framework
But for now I am testing MathNet.Numerics only (specifically LinearAlgebra kind operations as discussed in the book “Expert F# 4” under chapter 10
I have not even begun the real project work yet

Have you used .fs file or .fsx (script) file for testing?

Can you put your solution to the git repository and share a link? I’ll take a look then.