Is there a F# equivalent to Phoenix Liveview?

There’s the Fable REPL???

Bolero is sounds like that: F# on the client side, no JavaScript.

From the docs:

Bolero uses Blazor to bring F# to WebAssembly. Create dynamic HTML content using syntax familiar from WebSharper and Fable, in a full-fledged client-side .NET web framework.

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I recommend looking at the SAFE Stack. This actually appears to be a closer match to LiveView, as it’s for application development (not online repl experience).

F# has been doing a lot of this for quite a long time.

Looks like server side Blazor is the closest equivalent in .NET. F# support is subject to research though

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Agreed that Razor Components are essentially what you want. I didn’t get this working with my trail experiment, and I don’t know whether bolero supports this option.


Can server-side Blazor listen for pub-sub notifications and trigger a re-render on the client when the server side state changes?

I’d love to hook up some server rendered views to Postgres notifications to ensure UIs never show stale information.

Yes, I think that is the closest thing we have available. Server-side Bolero would make that work.