How do I create a blank F# Xamarin Forms project targeted to Android 7.0 on Windows?

Preferably with Rider but any solution will do.

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You can try using this as a starting point:

That particular branch uses Paket. You can use master or the original repo I forked from if you want to use NuGet.

If you end up using that branch/repo, there are a few things that probably need updating. The version restriction of FSharp.Core in the paket.dependencies file should probably be removed. Also the projects have the old fsproj format, although that might not be worth updating. And the version of paket.exe in the .paket folder should probably be updated too.

Thanks, I’ll take a look.

I would recommend starting with a standard C# Xamarin.Forms solution.

Delete the C# .Net Standard Library in this and create a new F# .Net Standard library.
In this, install Xamarin.Forms and define

type App() = 
    inherit Xamarin.Forms.Application()
    do base.MainPage <- ContentPage()

Reference this from the platform projects and you are done.

My system is Windows 10 and I used NuGet for such purposes and it works very well. Let’s try that one. If you don’t like it I can suggest something else.