I’m working in F# 6.0 in .NET Interactive workbooks in .NET 6.0. i’ve been trying to use one workbook to write a table to a csv file so that other workbooks can read it, rather than having to recreate it each time. I’ve been trying to use the CsvProvider from FSharp.Data, but my workbook can’t find or load FSharp.Data.dll. Can anyone help me out?

Thanks, all, and Happy New Year.

In a notebook environment, you have to add two lines to use the CsvProvider (or any package that you would grab from nuget):

#r "nuget: FSharp.Data"
open FSharp.Data

(note that the namespace in the open statement doesn’t have to match the package name in the #r statement, though it often does by convention).

Here’s a nice blog post on using a CsvProvider from an interactive notebook, that’s from this years F# Advent!

Thank you so much for your reply. I’ve got it working now. Happy New Year!


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