F# Unions and function signatures

Please I am still learning F#. I want to know if is possible to use function signatures or type abbreviations as fields in F#
type FSigns =
| A of (int -> int -> float)
| B of (bool -> string)

Can they also work like this:
type FSigns’ =
| Calc of arithmetic:(int -> int -> int)
| Stats of avg:(float list -> float)
Can I use type abbreviations as well…

Thanks for helping. Great F#!

Yes, this can be done. Functions are not different than any other type and can be past around to other functions just as easy as an integer.

But the results are always curried

Oh sure, as far as I know there isn’t a situation where functions aren’t auto-curried.

My view is that this question is more dependent on whether one is working with very “structured data” or data that has to be “reordered”.