Does F# have a future?


And if there is need to develop mobile apps you can use Fabulous and share your web code with mobile app, so you end up reusing a lot of code.


Elixir has a full web stack. Phoenix for the web application, Ecto for the data layer and if you want to use GraphQL you can throw in Absinthe. I have been using it a little here and there and I love it. You can pair it with Elm and have a very nice stack or use the views that Phoenix provides.

I came to here looking at F# as I’ve been a developer using the MSFT stack for 20+ years and want to move into functional programming more than just dabbling and I’m very interested in SAFE.

At least in my work environments I think I’m more likely to do something with F# in my career than in Elixir. However, the Elixir community is growing very fast.


This was tweeted by Scott Wlaschin and sort of summarizes C#: image
Maybe the killer app is F# and Bolero, especially if it takes less code to create a Blazor app?

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