2018 Election Campaign: Alan Barr


Alan Barr is a Test Architect at Veterans United Home Loans in Columbia, Missouri USA. He was born and raised in California and received his bachelors at California State University Fresno. Then received his Masters in Library Information Science from California State University San Jose. After teaching abroad in South Korea for a year he fell into the world of web marketing and software development. He began to learn about programming but felt like something was missing for a long time. When he transitioned to a .NET based company he was initially shocked by FSharp but slowly and surely won over by the amazing multi-paradigm language and community.

Why you should consider me

The FSharp community won me over and I want to give back and listen. I want to advocate for the wonderful ideas from members that grow the community. I want FSharp to be accessible to beginners and powerful yet versatile for professionals. I believe in quality software and feel that FSharp enforces enough constraints to minimize classes of errors yet flexibility when necessary. I have made some attempts to contribute to FSharp opensource, such as FSharp Auto Complete, but I feel my efforts would be better spent in growing the community.

I want the broader world to take notice of FSharp and what it brings to the table and I want to make that happen. The skills I want to bring to the foundation are the ability to listen and be open to new ideas while carefully weighing those against all the options available. I am incredibly passionate about FSharp and I want to make my best effort to help make the community even better than it is today. I am going to need a lot of help and insight from members but based on my experience I do not think that will be a challenge.