What is the most elegant way to generate Pascal's Triangle

Yes, I’m indeed asking a super easy but meaningful question. I’m wondering a really elegant (without sacrificing algorithm complexity) answer.
But here I’m asking for the most elegant way
There are some answers to this question:
Pascal’s Triangle 1
Pascal’s Triangle 2
and also fssnip. net / 2b (remove the blank)

Pascal’s Triangle 3
I’m looking for elegance

Looks as if Haskell have a pretty good solution, still doesn’t how to handle it in F#

Don’t know if the following qualifies as elegant, but it is basically the same as Gabriel Garcia’s Haskell answer from Stackoverflow:

let pascal =
    let rec loop row = seq {
        yield row
        yield! loop [1; yield! Seq.map2 (+) row (List.tail row); 1]
    loop [1]

This is elegant, isn’t it? Short and fast. What else do you need?