Visual Studio 2022: let/type/etc.-binding code lines disappear upon hitting Enter/Del/Backspace/etc

I have Visual Studio 2022 Community and I primarily use it to code in F#. The weird thing is: For let bindings, whenever I want to change something and I press Backspace, Del, Enter, etc. - whenever I try to type anything at all, the line completely disappears. Not that it is gone, when I close the file without saving and reopen, it is still there. I tried resetting settings, removing all extensions, reinstall, clean install. Nothing seems to work.

Wondering if anyone has bumped into this crazy yet …

Nope. I have VS 2019, VS 2022, VS 2022 Preview for different things on multiple devices and never had it do that on any of them. Do you have any extensions installed that might be changing the behaviour?