Query expressions vs LINQ

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around computation expressions and query expressions. Whilst playing with the latter it got me thinking about their functionality

As an example

let files = @"c:\" |> Directory.GetFiles |> Seq.map (fun s -> FileInfo s)
let projection1 = fun (x: FileInfo) -> {|Fullname = x.FullName; DirectoryName = x.DirectoryName|}
let projection2 (input: FileInfo seq) = query{
    for fi in input do
    select (fi.FullName, fi.DirectoryName)
files |> projection2
files |> Seq.map projection1

In this basic example, the effective same result can be achieved by using LINQ or query expressions.

But I was wondering if query expressions can do things that LINQ cannot by virtue of their design ?
One idea was early termination. i.e. being able to return early (and gracefully, without use of exceptions) from a query if at some point ?

Keen to get your thoughts ?