Import XML documentation across assemblies



XML documentation (XML Comments) for methods can be dumbed in a output file for an assembly if set under build properties for the project in visual studio. I’ve done that for a C# assembly with some methods with documentation. However, when referencing the library from a F# project, I get the access to the C# methods alright, but I don’t get the documentation for the methods, i.e. when hovering over the method in F#, no documentation is shown. Do I need some kind of explicit import of the XML documentation file to get the documentation alongside the methods?

In the screenshots below is seen how the imported assembly correctly display the documentation “Prints out the name of the person” in the call from another C# project. Doing the same in an F# project does not report any documentation.


Thanks a lot,

Hi Jesper,

Maybe try adding


in your .csproj file under the <PropertyGroup> section?