Data Science Course in Pune


Every work we do, everything we look at is called data. The information you communicate with your fellow beings, all of it is called data. The most important term used in the field of data science to work on data is statistics. It is so because the evolution of the term data science began from this word. The introduction of data to the world was caused by great data analyst John W. Turkey. He was a statistics scholar who wrote books on the future of data analytics and worked on the concept of statistics initially. But as he began to work more and more over statistics, he realized the importance of information. After years of study, in 1947, he came up with the term “bit” which accounts for the smallest value of data. The data was then regarded to be stored in the form of bits. This introduced an ocean of concepts for the word data. At the start of the era, nobody knew the data as a term or a concept as such. After a few centuries, the raw facts that we all process was termed as “data”. As the days move on, there is more and more of data accumulating and managing them becomes a challenging task. We can make it easier by using existing algorithms to improvise and also create algorithms if you have any ideas, of course. All of the analysis of the data part comes under the category of data analysis and is an integral part of data science. Data science is a mixture of everything. The machines that we see, the newspapers that we read, each of them contain different kinds of data on which operations are made. By this, you might get an idea about what data science is. So basically it is dealing with the data around the world all the time as data keeps increasing by every blink of an eye. The term data science was called first by Peter Naur. But how did data science evolve?